Chromebook Care and Insurance Information

Chromebook Policy

Chromebooks, iPads, and other related devices, Google accounts, servers, etc… are the property of Anderson Public School and, as a result, may be subject to inspection at any time. The teachers, students, parents, and guardians should have no expectation of privacy of materials found on a device, Google Drive, or Gmail account.


General Chromebook Care

·       Do NOT keep food or drink near the device.

·       Insert charging cords and USB devices carefully to avoid damage to the Chromebook.

·       Do NOT write, draw, or apply stickers to the device. Chromebooks are district property and must be returned in the condition they were checked out.

·       Do NOT place heavy objects on top of the Chromebook.

·       Chromebooks MUST be kept secure and protected when not in use.

·       ALWAYS carry the Chromebook by the base, using two hands when in use.

·       Do NOT remove any district labeling or tags.

·       ONLY clean the device with a soft dry cloth - Do NOT use any liquids or solvents to clean the device.


Appropriate Use

In addition to the internet Safety Policy signed at enrollment, Chromebook users will also be expected to abide by the terms below. Failure to comply with these policies may result in disciplinary action or loss of access to district technology.

 Students WILL

  1. Charge the device at home and have it ready to use every day for every class period.
  2. Use the Chromebook and other district technology for academic purposes only during         instructional time.
  3. Use appropriate language and graphics, whether at home or school, when posting, publishing work, using the internet, or communicating in email.
  4. Use their district Google account only when using the Chromebook
  5. Maintain confidentiality regarding usernames and passwords.
  6. Obey copyright law in regard to use of other’s intellectual property.
  7. Report loss or damage of the device immediately to their homeroom teacher or Mrs. Elliott
  8. Keep the audio muted or use headphones/earbuds to avoid disturbing others.
  9. Publish or complete work digitally to reduce the use of paper in the classroom.

Students WILL NOT

  1. Remove identifying emblems or stickers placed on the device by the district.
  2. Allow others to use their assigned device.
  3. View, use or copy passwords, data, or networks to which they are not authorized.
  4. Reveal personal information (phone numbers, addresses, passwords, etc.) about themselves to others.
  5. Leave devices unsupervised or logged in to the network.
  6. Harass, bully or threaten anyone.
  7. Use offensive language of any kind.
  8. Misrepresent themselves or others.
  9. Destroy or damage data, programs, networks, or any other system or component of a system owned or managed by the district.
  10. Attempt to override, bypass, or otherwise change the filtering software, Google Management, or other network configurations.
  11. Reset or wipe their device.

District Responsibilities

·       The district will comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to prevent inappropriate use of the Chromebook and/or internet, whether in use at school or at home.

·       Compliance will be through the use of software that filters web access for inappropriate content, and monitors students for incidences of cyberbullying or self-harm.

·       Any malfunction of the Chromebook that is not the result of inappropriate use or negligence will be repaired at the district’s expense.

·       The district will have devices available that can be checked out to students while devices are being repaired/replaced.

·       As the Chromebook is an Internet-Based device, the school will provide internet access while on campus.

Parent and Student Responsibilities

·       Parents and students are responsible for care of the device, and for returning the Chromebook in good working condition.

·       Parents and students are responsible for replacing or repairing Chromebooks damaged as a result of negligence or inappropriate use. Insurance for the device will be offered to parents and students at the time of checkout.

·       Parents and students are responsible for providing their own internet access for the Chromebook if desired. Offline access will be enabled on the device if no internet is available.

·       When using the device, students understand that Chromebooks are district property, and they may be used only for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Anderson Public Schools District Policy, as well as local, state and federal laws.


Damaged Chromebooks

·       Students with a damaged Chromebook need to report the damage to their classroom teacher or take them to Mrs. Elliott in the computer lab.


Digital Citizenship

The district encourages all students using Chromebooks to follow basic rules of Digital Citizenship when working on and browsing the web:

·       Think before you post - Sometimes words can be misinterpreted when sent across the internet. Additionally, anything you post, whether in a document or on social media, can leave a digital footprint that follows you.

·       Respect the privacy of others - If you want others to respect your privacy, then you must respect theirs as well. Posting embarrassing information about a friend or forwarding private content without asking can cause unintended harm to others.

·       If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all - If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online. Stand up for others and prevent bullying.

·       Give credit where credit is due - if you use someone else’s thoughts or ideas, give them credit for it online. Illegal downloading, cheating, or copying content from others may be easy, but it isn’t right. You have a responsibility to respect the work of others, as they should respect yours. 

Chromebook Protection Plan

The Anderson Public Schools Student Chromebook Protection Plan (SCPP) has been established to give parents and students the ability to purchase insurance for the Chromebook 1:1 Initiative for the current school year. The technology package includes a Chromebook and Charging Cord. This annual insurance, if purchased, will cover part or all of the repair or replacement costs related to damage to the Chromebook (including chargers). The cost for protection is $30 per student, per year.


·       If uninsured, parents are responsible for the full cost of replacement or repair of damage for the Chromebook and charger.

·       Insurance Claims of Theft must include a completed Sand Springs, Tulsa or Osage County Police or Sheriff’s Report, signed by a parent.

·       Devices that are not returned to Anderson School upon the student leaving the district will be reported as stolen to the Osage County Sheriff’s Department.

·       If the damage to the Chromebook is found to be intentional (i.e. a punched screen, keys rearranged to spell out words, carving into the Chromebook, etc.), that cost of repair will fall solely on the parent/guardian.

·       Moisture related damage is NOT covered under the Anderson Chromebook Insurance Plan


Typical Repair/Replacement Costs:



Chromebook (complete)


Charging Cord












Insurance Coverage:

If purchased, the Anderson Student Chromebook Protection Plan covers 100% of the FIRST incidence of damage, and 50% of the SECOND incidence. After two incidents, the parent/student is responsible for all repairs and replacement costs* Coverage and fees are renewed on an annual basis.


First Incident


Second Incident


Third Incident



                                    *Exact repair/replacement costs will be determined at the time of the repair.